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Cybersecure Your Sensor Data,
At Source 'Biometric' Identity For Any IoT Device

IXDen introduces a novel hardware-free/software-based approach to
Industrial IoT cybersecurity. Leveraging 'biometric' IoT device identity
allowing multifactor authentication, we achieve utmost sensor data
integrity on a device and sensor level.
Take your operations to a new
level of cybersecurity and productivity
Our patented cybersecurity and operational solution takes the digital transformation to a higher level data integrity. By continuously monitoring sensors and regenerating device identity, IXDen assures that the data is not manipulated while providing threat detection at its root.
Introducing 'biometric' multifactor
authentication to IoT devices
IXDen protects Level 1 devices by sitting on the edge of Level 2 and accessing raw sensor data from which a unique, constantly changing identity is created comprising hundreds of dynamic and static parameters for each device.
AI-powered behavioral analysis
for better anomaly detection
IXDen leverages proprietary behavioral algorithms, statistical analysis, Machine Learning and more to model the behavior of physical systems, attaining deep understanding of the device data, software and hardware. Our innovative solution brings unrivaled data veracity and device security – without hardware or certificates stored on the device.
IXDen-grade indicator for
security and peace of mind
Provides OT with the system health and security status while continuously detecting and predicting any abnormal events such as leaks, sensor drift and miscalibration.
The IXDen system checks the status of the equipment and examines whether the sensors transfer correct information such as pressures, temperatures, etc. With the help of IXDen's system, we can bring Mekorot to a higher level of protection of OT operations. IXDen system is essentially a combination of two things - it transfers the right information to a controller, and also provides protection against cyber-attacks.
Mr. Moti Shiri, VP Technology, Mekorot
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Protect sensor data at its source to assure OT system security and OT system data you can trust.

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