Enhanced Cybersecurity with sensor
data health for IoT devices

IXDen’s unique approach to IoT device security and authentication enables detecting security threats and abnormal behavior on all levels, from sensor and device to gateway, PLC and RTU. To detect even the slightest anomaly in the sensor data while protecting against tampering, IXDen implements unparallel Machine Learning and AI algorithms combined with proprietary mathematics, advanced behavioral and statistical modeling and analysis.

The results are reflected in a proprietary IXDen Grade that provides IT & OT teams with overall system health and security status, while continuously detecting and predicting any abnormal events such as security attacks, device or sensor malfunction, system misbehavior, leaks, sensor drifts, miscalibrations and more.

IXDen Grade

Unique system confidence indicator for better security and peace of mind IXDen Grade reflects the overall level of health of the system. If any sensor or device is malfunctioning, broken or has been tampered, the score will immediately drop, and the cause can be identified and fixed leveraging drill-down analytics.

The IXDen grade serves as an overall system reliability measurement, reflecting the level of confidence the customer can put into the data provided by the sensors. Sudden drop of The Grade is directly associated with the level of statistical probability that the device is behaving as before and remaining to be untampered.

the Grade means that the device is most certainly malfunctioning, broken or has been hacked, and the problem should be immediately examined and fixed by the relevant IT or OT teams.

IXDen Grade indicates system condition reflecting the sensor data health and security level The higher the IXDen Grade score, the higher the probability that the device is acting as before and the lower likelihood that something will happen to it. A low score indicates that the device is misbehaving or has most certainly been tampered with.

Achieve operational excellence
through better decisions

Organizations need to trust their sensors data when making critical operational decisions. If real-time data coming from sensors is incorrect or compromised, it might severely impact operational performance, – the results would be catastrophic organizationally, economically, and even cost human lives.

The unique IXDen Grade measuring overall system reliability reflects and predicts the sensor data health level, helping make better decisions based on authenticated data you can trust. IXDen platform provides data integrity at source, detecting security threats and predicting sensors misbehavior in the future resulting from sensor drift, maintenance, calibration error, and countless other sensor errors or malfunctions.

IXDen empowers Operations Technology

AI and ML- Powered
Model statistical behavior of the systems, machines and processes using proprietary AI and Machine Learning
Data Integrity
Ensure sensor data integrity before it entering Big Data analysis
IXDen Grade
Single score measutring system reliability and estimating system health status at any given moment
Real Time Detection
Recognize the sensors deviating from the normal behaviour with pinpoint accuracy
Abnormal Behavior
Precise distinction between normal and abnormal system behavior
Analyze collective information from groups of correlated or interdependent sensors

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