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Digitalization is driving operational efficiency in the energy sector, benefiting end consumers who enjoy a stable flow of affordable power. As more Industry 4.0 solutions are adopted utilities and the energy sector, more advanced operational (OT) security solutions must be implemented to monitor, regulate and protect ongoing activities.
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Key Facts
IoT spend by the energy sector is enormous, more than double that of digital advertising. Yet despite all
the cybersecurity measures taken, the sector rank #2 in predicted losses from cybercrime per company.
1.2 Trillion
Spend on IoT by energy
sector in 2020
17.2 Million
Cost of damage per
company per year*
4th Place
Energy sector rank on IoT
spend among industries

* World Economic Forum

Industry challenges

Demand for IoT technology in the energy sector is soaring as the benefits of the smart grid become increasingly clear. Without adequately securing these new and legacy systems, a crippling cyber attack is just a matter of time.

IXDen Solution

IXDen is used by leading utilities in the energy sector to secure the most mission-critical industrial sensors and IoT devices from attacks and breaches – across generation, transmission and metering.

Manipulation of demand via IoT (MadIoT) attacks are very hard to detect and isolate from the power grid, resulting in security breaches in various IoT devices. But the attack is on the entire power grid!

By ensuring the data integrity of each device, IXDen protects the entire ecosystem, helping to keep smart cities safer, and allowing energy companies to focus on power production and distribution with more trust, security and peace of mind.

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Secure your power grid from the next attack

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