Smart city and BMS

SMART Building Management Systems for
more secure industrial structures

Access and
Presence Management
Smart industrial building solutions automate building temperature control, security, and maintenance for more efficient property management resulting in greater comfort, and reduced energy and operational expenses. The adoption of these new technologies give rise to demand for more advanced Security and Emergency Management solutions to defend against attacks.
Sensor Data
Edge Device
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Key Facts
IoT spend by the energy sector is enormous, more than double that of digital advertising. Yet despite all
the cybersecurity measures taken, the sector rank #2 in predicted losses from cybercrime per company.
60.7 Billion
Smart Building market
worth in 2019
105.8 Billion
Smart Building market worth by
2024 (11.7% CAGR growth)

* Research report: Smart Building Market

Industry challenges

Building Management Systems integrate real-time data from thousands of industrial sensors and IoT devices, including mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, and fire and security systems. When even a single device is IoT hacked or compromised by a malicious actor, operations can be disrupted and human lives can be put at risk. Such attacks against smart buildings have already been used in ransomware or “siegeware” attacks on hotels, attesting to how vulnerable these systems are.

IXDen Solution

IXDen has developed a proprietary biometric multi-factor authentication solution to secure industrial buildings data at its source. By ensuring the integrity of data coming from sensors and IoT devices, the foundation of intelligent Building Management Systems remains safe and protected.

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Secure your industrial buildings from cyber attacks

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