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reliability and biometric multifactor cyber security

Water Production
Smart Metering
Like in other energy sectors, digitization and automation is driving operational efficiencies in the water sector, leading to a stable flow of affordable water. However, with the growth and dependence on connected industrial devices and sensors for fluid everyday operations, cyber threats and vulnerabilities are also on the rise.

As more Industry 4.0 solutions are adopted by water utilities, more advanced operational (OT) security solutions must be implemented to monitor, regulate and protect the ongoing flow of clean and untampered water to citizens.
Sensor Data
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Key Facts
The global water industry is growing rapidly across its many verticals.
$15.12 Billion
Smart water management
market value by 2026.
$17.4 Billion
2024 global market size of water
meters, sensors and leak detection systems
2 Billion
People using contaminated
water on a daily basis
Industry challenges

Accurate data from IIoT devices is relied on to regulate water obtained from critical infrastructures such as urban water services, wastewater plants, pumping stations, dams, sewers and desalination plants. These connected devices present a serious security threat by exposing networks to cyber and cyber-physical attacks (CPAs), including cyber penetrations designed to disrupt the physical processes of a water distribution systems (WDSs).

Most critical control systems today can be accessed remotely in order to improve operational efficiencies and alert response time, making them attractive targets to hackers and cyber terrorists. If a malicious attempt to control any of the systems were to be successful, the economic and environmental damage could be enormous, including stealing private consumer data, tampering with equipment, stopping the water supply, spilling sewage, and even creating a serious public health hazard by degrading the quality of water.

IXDen Solution

IXDen secures industrial sensors and IoT devices in the water from malicious cyber and cyber-physical attacks. By ensuring the integrity of the data coming to and from each IoT device, IXDen protects the entire ecosystem, helping water utilities to focus on stable and uninterrupted distribution of clean water.

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IXDen protects leading Water utilities from malicious cyber actors without compromising operational
efficiencies. Click to discover how IXDen's proven sensor reliability solution can help you.

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