Securing Homelands from
malicious cyber attacks
Network connected devices, systems, and services are becoming increasingly integrated with critical national infrastructure, being used by the police, fire, ambulance, national guard, border control, mass transit, aviation, maritime and more. With national dependency on IoT devices growing, protecting their data from attacks has become a national concern for Homeland Security agencies.
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Key Facts
The Homeland Security and Emergency Management market is projected to grow from $623.1B in 2020 to
$846.5B by 2025, driven by various factors, such as terrorist threats, biohazard attacks, increased
investment in public safety, and rising adoption of cloud computing and applications.
355.4 Billion
HLS market size in 2020
452.4 Billion
HLS revenues forecast for 2024
$48.4 Billion
Defense sector's IoT and sensors
market size in 2028

* World Economic Forum

Industry challenges

Homeland Security refers to initiatives undertaken by governments to defend against terror attacks, nuclear hazards and more. Unfortunately, it is also one of the areas most threatened by cyber attacks.

As recent large-scale attacks have shown, if malicious actors such as terrorists or foreign governments hacked city sensors, consequences could be dire. For example, if data from sensors used to detect fire is hacked, it could literally shut down an entire city.

The growing national dependence on IoT devices is creating multiple opportunities for malicious actors to manipulate the flow of information to and from network connected devices. In addition, important processes that were once manually performed, are fully automated today, raising the level of concern and vulnerability to a national level.

IXDen Solution

IXDen is used by the Homeland Security industry to protect the source of the most important layer – the data. By ensuring the integrity of the data coming from the diverse IoT devices and sensors, the entire system operates effectively and the cyber threat is prevented.

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Nations are becoming ever more vulnerable to cyber attacks on IoT devices.
By protecting the data where it originates, IXDen prevents data hacking and manipulation.
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