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Control valves, pressure monitors and other equipment connected to wireless networks are vital to daily functions of everything from refineries to oil wells. The increased dependence of pipeline and similar G&O infrastructure on digital systems and IoT devices makes them particularly vulnerable to malicious attacks.
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Key Facts
Attacks on G&O equipment and infrastructure are growing in sophistication,
frequency and impact, wreaking enormous economic damage.
Industry respondents who experienced
a recent cybersecurity incident
Expected market growth
from $25.3B in 2020 to $32.5B in 2025
Increase in cyber attacks
between January to April 2020
Industry challenges

The G&O infrastructure forms a complex ecosystem with joint operations over multiple regions and vendors, triggering serious security concerns, in addition to firewall-related latency concerns and more. Whether the next attack targets upstream drilling sensors, midstream transportation systems, or downstream refining and distribution sensors, O&G IoT systems are increasingly in the spotlight and vulnerable to cyber attacks.

IXDen Solution

IXDen is used in the G&O industry to secure sensors and other IoT devices, thereby ensuring data integrity without compromising performance. The software-based solution is device- and network-agnostic, supporting any IoT device, network, or hardware. Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, IXDen secures all information coming from critical sensors and other IoT hardware solutions, ensuring the integrity of data-at-source – without compromising performance.

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Secure your G&O infrastructure

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